A group of parents in Saskatoon are the latest to get together and create daycare spaces for their families by starting a co-operative.

The adorably-named Bean Sprouts Childcare Co-op provides licenced educational and nurturing childcare accessible to families across the city. The members appreciate that the co-op model allows for multiple voices to contribute to the operations, and pool their resources to best meet its needs.

Among the co-operative’s goals are to provide a consistent quality care program where individual developmental needs are met to enrich the children’s lives; ensure a welcoming, open and respectful environment where parents and staff can safely voice their opinions; and a membership that is actively involved with the co-op.

“Co-operatives First has been an invaluable support from the start,” said a representative of the co-op. “Having a business plan template, budget template, and staff to review these has helped us feel confident and prepared to seek funding for our organization much quicker than if we had to complete everything without support.”

We were proud to assist the Bean Sprouts Childcare Co-op to incorporate and plan their business!