When a group of young men wanted to create their own jobs, they joined forces. Jessy Carrasco (left) was familiar with the cleaning industry, but knew it could be frustrating to work for a company and not have control of your own schedule or working conditions. Together with his friends Tanner Bauer and Grayson Nowoselski, they created the Saskatoon Cleaning Cooperative to take back that control.

The co-op provides commercial cleaning services, and has plans to expand to residential and industrial cleaning as well. The founders also hope to eventually recruit more members, creating jobs that allow each employee to have a say in their work situation and the direction of the company. They were drawn to the co-op model because its democratic structure, giving all members a feeling of ownership and control.

A member of the group said Co-operatives First was key in their business’s start-up, providing both business planning and incorporation support.

“They helped us in every way possible and we couldn’t appreciate it more. They helped us from step one to the last step…This being our first business venture, we really appreciate all the help and highly recommend their services to anyone starting their own business.”