Co-ops in Canada

A three-hour training course on co-ops in Canada

This course will introduce you to co-operatives, why people start co-ops, how they are created, and their impact on the Canadian economy.

Created by Co-operatives First and the Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives under the supervision of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED), the course describes the co-operative model, provides background context to co-operatives in Canada, and outlines the important contribution co-ops make to Canada. Get started today!

To access the course follow these steps:

  1. Create your account through the Co-operatives First registration page.
  2. Under “Courses” choose “Federal”
  3. Once registered, click the “Dashboard” button at the bottom of your account page then click “All Courses – Federal”
  4. Click on the English or French version of the course and click “OK” when prompted.
  5. Finally, click on “Land this Page” and then “Start Course”

The ‘Take this course’ button at the bottom of the page will give you access to all course materials. Our instructional video will walk you through how to access and complete all the course. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Les coopératives au Canada

Une introduction pour le personnel du government du Canada

La coopérative est un type d’entreprise unique qui donne aux personnes et aux communautés le pouvoir de décider comment répondre à leurs propres besoins et aspirations. Le cours vous fera découvrir les cooperatives, pourquoi et comment elles sont créées, et leur incidence sur l’économie canadienne.

Créé sous la supervision d’Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada par Co-operatives First et le Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, ce cours décrit le modèle coopératif, présente le contexte général des coopératives au Canada et souligne l’importante contribution des coopératives en Canada.

Pour accéder au cours, suivez ces étapes:

  1. Créez votre compte via la page d’inscription du Co-operatives First.
  2. Sous «Courses» choisissez «Federal»
  3. Une fois inscrit, cliquez sur le bouton «Dashboard» au bas de la page de votre compte puis cliquez sur «All Courses – Federal»
  4. Cliquez sur la version anglaise ou française du cours et cliquez sur «OK» lorsque vous y êtes invité.
  5. Enfin, cliquez sur «Land this Page» puis sur «Start Course»

Le bouton «Take this course» en bas de la page vous donne accès à tous les supports de cours. Notre vidéo pédagogique vous expliquera comment accéder et compléter tous les supports de cours. Si vous avez des difficultés à accéder le cours, veuillez communiquer avec nous à

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Good Governance Matters course offered by Co-operatives First. The course provided a solid background on governance generally and specific examples of good governance practices in co-operatives. It is uncommon to find governance training specific to co-operatives so this was refreshing.”

Janet Taylor (Corporate Secretary)

Libro Credit Union

“The Good Governance Matters Course was a valuable course. I shared it with the [Arctic Co-operatives Limited] Senior Leadership Team. If it ever comes up again, I highly recommend others to take it.”

Mary Nirlungayuk (Corporate Secretary and Vice-President, Corporate Services)

Arctic Co-operatives Limited

“The online course, Good Governance Matters was very informative, easy to navigate and discussed issues relevant to our needs as a Board of Directors. This course is a great tool for boards to build their knowledge to become strong, strategic boards.”

Lori Sanders (President)

Sherwood Co-op

“This course has greatly increased my understanding of what good governance could/should look like and how each part (boards, management, members) plays a vital role in the co-operative’s success.”


“This course was highly enjoyable, and relevant to working in not only the co-op space, but with any group that needs to make decisions.”