We’re hiring!

Content Specialist (Term position)

Got a big, warm personality, flare for social media and love talking to people? Get paid to travel western Canada, tell inspiring stories and share your experiences. Become Co-operatives First’s next Content Specialist for The Backroad Diaries.

As the Content Specialist, you’ll visit rural and Indigenous communities throughout western Canada; discover the people and places that make co-ops important and amazing; and capture the vision, impacts and innovators driving these co-ops and strengthening local economies.

If you’re 30 and under with an interest in media production, content creation, writing, photography and the like, we want you. Send us:

  1. a short selfie-style video (no more than 2 minutes) telling a story about a subject you’re passionate about,
  2. writing/photography samples if you have them, and
  3. a brief CV.

No major co-op knowledge required, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to be familiar with the business model or be able to list an example or two.


Employment term: May 15 to August 30, 2020

Salary: $20/hr at 40 hours per week

Travel: Throughout western Canada as required (all travel expenses are covered by Co-operatives First)

Application deadline: March 30th, 2020.

Position Summary

The Content Specialist is the face, voice and heart of The Backroad Diaries project. The Content Specialist travels to rural and Indigenous communities, collects photographs, audio, video and a story. The position requires someone creative, confident and passionate about telling a good story.

Using the provided research, media plan and equipment, the Content Specialist will visit 8 (2 in each western province) communities and capture a story of the people and place surrounding the identified co-op. Using their talents with various media equipment, like a smartphone, DSLR camera, audio recorder and laptop, the Content Specialist will gather various media to be used to create social media posts, videos, and podcasts for distribution and data collection.


  • Capturing audio, video and images via various media production tools
  • Caring for a variety of media production tools and equipment
  • Editing and storing various media
  • Project management
  • Event planning/logistics
  • Relationship management
  • Writing, speaking and presenting
  • Confidently presenting to a camera or audience

Education and Experience

  • MUST be 30 and under.
  • Experience and/or education using various media equipment, such as cameras and audio recorders is expected.
  • Experience and/or education in storytelling, musical performance, theatre or journalism is an asset.

How to apply

Email us a short (no more than 2 minute) selfie-style video of you. Show us your personality through a short story about a topic you’re passionate about. In the email, include writing/photography samples if you have them and a brief CV.

Email to dan@cooperativesfirst.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Good Governance Matters course offered by Co-operatives First. The course provided a solid background on governance generally and specific examples of good governance practices in co-operatives. It is uncommon to find governance training specific to co-operatives so this was refreshing.”

Janet Taylor (Corporate Secretary)

Libro Credit Union

“The Good Governance Matters Course was a valuable course. I shared it with the [Arctic Co-operatives Limited] Senior Leadership Team. If it ever comes up again, I highly recommend others to take it.”

Mary Nirlungayuk (Corporate Secretary and Vice-President, Corporate Services)

Arctic Co-operatives Limited

“The online course, Good Governance Matters was very informative, easy to navigate and discussed issues relevant to our needs as a Board of Directors. This course is a great tool for boards to build their knowledge to become strong, strategic boards.”

Lori Sanders (President)

Sherwood Co-op

“This course has greatly increased my understanding of what good governance could/should look like and how each part (boards, management, members) plays a vital role in the co-operative’s success.”


“This course was highly enjoyable, and relevant to working in not only the co-op space, but with any group that needs to make decisions.”