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These are all really good points. Like many co-operatives the board is challenged with making changes based on the bottom line, age of assets, current market conditions, etc. For SWP the wooden elevators serving small areas were no longer viable due to age and ongoing maintenance requirements. The decision to replace them with inland terminals was probably correct. How they decided to do it was probably wrong. If they had a plan to make the changes over time there would have been an opportunity to communicate with the membership. This would have also allowed for the members to adapt to the additional trucking that would be required. This is just one small decision in what appears to have been multiple poor decisions on the part of management and the board. It is difficult to say if they had made every decision correctly if SWP would still exist or if it would have still been bought out by a larger multinational.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Good Governance Matters course offered by Co-operatives First. The course provided a solid background on governance generally and specific examples of good governance practices in co-operatives. It is uncommon to find governance training specific to co-operatives so this was refreshing.”

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