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1. Should the MEC board continue to require board candidates to have high-level governance experience? Why or why not?
How would you consider implementing election procedure like those used by MEC?

I believe it’s important that the candidates have the experience and knowledge required in order to be a board member, for effective decision making. Otherwise, we will have the “rubber stamp” situation since the boar member has no experience to provide a valuable perspective and oversight.

In order maintain better governance and allow the people the member a chance to be a board member, MEC can create a minimum criteria that each board must have (Credential). Provide necessary resources for a member to get the training he/she needs. If a member wants to participate, then at the very least, we know the person has the basic understanding and the foundation to be able to execute the job,

2. Does operating a large retail business in a highly competitive market justify restricting who can run for the board?
How does your co-operative recruit new directors?

I believe the restricting the board member is just since we need the right person for the right job. We need to seek member that will not only fit the co-operative value, the person need to contribute to the co-operative culture as well. This is how we can grow and not fall behind. The board is there to serve the members, if the board itself lack the experience, there’s no point of having one at all. The member might have the right intention for joining the board, but lack of experience can potentially do more harm than good.

Our Board, same as others, elected by the members with the experience and understanding of the business. This way, they will be able to understanding and make decision effectively. In addition, having the board member events where they can commingle with the employees and get to know the business better will provide the Board a better insight into the business operations.

3. Should co-op elections always be as open as possible?
How do you ensure your directors have the skills needed to be successful?

The co-op election should be open to all member that meet the minimum skill-sets. This way, you’ll know the candidates, at least has the foundation to effectively execute their roles.


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