The last few years have been challenging to say the least. Business owners, economic developers, community leaders, and everyday citizens have weathered an emotional storm, and many are burnt out. In this webinar, emotional intelligence expert Hayley Hesseln discusses building emotional resilience and effectively managing stress. Dr. Hayley Hesseln has dedicated her 20-year career as a university professor to teaching and learning. She is an economist and professor at the University of Saskatchewan with extensive experience working with Indigenous communities in the North. Active in education in the North, she has served as a Research Associate for the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies for the University of the Arctic. Dr. Hesseln co-founded EI ADVANTAGE and is responsible for its curriculum development. Dr. Hesseln is Vice-President of EI Advantage, a coaching and training firm specializing in emotional intelligence. Dr. Hesseln is an alumnus of the Royal Roads University Executive Coaching program in Victoria, BC, Canada and a Member of the International Coaching Federation.