The Pathways Archaeological Cooperative was interested in transitioning a consulting services business to a worker co-operative to continue its work in the Kootenay region of British Columbia – and we were happy to help!

The co-op conducts archeological overview assessments, which compile knowledge about archeological site locations, historical First Nations’ land use, and cultural and environmental conditions that may affect these sites. Its members have experience working in various industries including mining, hydro-electric, forestry, and municipal and provincial government.

“The main goals of our co-op are the well-being of our members so that our professional obligations can be fulfilled in the most ethical and sustainable manner,” a representative of the co-op said. “Beyond our regular activities, we also aim to conduct more research-oriented tasks and to do more community outreach.”

We were pleased to help the Pathways Archeological Cooperative to incorporate as a co-op!