Anyone who has tried to keep track of their own medical records will appreciate the mission of the My Health Information Co-op.

With this platform, patients can store and have instant, secure access to their health history, including all surgeries, medications, lab tests, doctors, health conditions, and more. And because it’s a co-op, members have ownership over not just their records, but also the company that keeps them.

“Membership is open to all Canadians, and they benefit by having all the health information they need when and where they need it, ” said Doug Balson with the co-op. “In addition to supporting health literacy, we also help the 300,000 Canadians migrating between provinces each year to access health records stranded in previously-lived jurisdictions. Access to health billing records allows a member to correct errors before an error causes harm in an emergency.”

The co-op, based in British Columbia, strives to raise members’ awareness of why they need ownership and control over their medical records, and how they can use their health history to improve their own health outcomes.

Co-operatives First was proud to assist this innovative and important business to incorporate as a co-operative!