Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, like many rural communities, lacks adequate childcare. Without enough daycare spaces, parents in the area struggle to go back to work, which impacts local businesses and the wider economy.

A group of residents came to Co-operatives First with an idea: for the Town, Rural Municipality, and Nekaneet First Nation to work together to create a licenced daycare co-operative to help meet the needs of local parents.


It’s a great time for communities to explore this option. The federal government is working with provinces to provide $10-a-day subsidized daycare, and provincial governments have funds available to expand the number of daycare spaces. The subsidies are only available to non-profit, licenced daycares, which makes co-ops a great option.

The Maple Creek group conducted a community survey to gauge the need for childcare (it was high!), and Co-operatives First provided a feasibility study to help them start out on the right foot. This hard-working group has gone on to secure $420,000 through the provincial Space Development Grant, and start-up funding of an additional $36,120. Thanks to this initiative and collaboration, the co-op will build a new daycare facility with 42 daycare spaces for Maple Creek and surrounding area.