The HAWK Community Service Cooperative was created by a group of healthcare professionals, addiction support service workers, and de-escalation experts who came together to help the people who had started a tent community in front of Regina City Hall.

During the 44-day impromptu camp, volunteers and organizations came out to help the occupants who needed housing. It became clear to the eventual founders of HAWK that in addition to basic needs, people were looking for connection and community.

Once the camp was dispersed, HAWK started providing housing to four unhoused people, and wants to build more capacity. Its goals are to start a housing co-op, connect to existing services and supports, create a team of trauma experts, and build an online educational and philanthropic program. The name comes from the co-op’s objective: “Help people HEAL their trauma so that they can get WELL and develop the capacity to be KIND.”

We’re proud that HAWK Community Service Cooperative is the 25th co-op we’ve helped to incorporate in 2023!