For parents who are looking for support and guidance, Great Parenting Simplified Nonprofit Cooperative (GPSNC) offers a dedicated coaching team and an online platform of resources that can help.

GPS’s purpose is to “empower parents to become confident leaders raising happy, resilient and successful kids,” by equipping parents and caregivers to foster positive mental health in their children. With 22 members from diverse backgrounds, GPS is a bottom-up organization that is able to grow and adapt to different cultures and parenting situations.

“A cooperative is the right fit for our organization because it provides structure but embraces the fact that every member is valued equally,” a representative of the co-op said. “It is essential to our organization that we are all working together, going in the same direction, even though we may be contributing differently.”

Though most of GPS’s members are Canadian, the group includes people from the United States, New Zealand, and various European countries. Its products and services include programs and courses for small group and individual coaching, as well as a coach training program which produces certified coaches who can run groups, teach classes and offer individual coaching.

Co-operatives First was proud to assist Great Parenting Simplified in training its board of directors.