Golden Co-op Radio is volunteer-powered community radio for the town of Golden, British Columbia. Since 2022, a small but resourceful group of volunteers have worked hard to build a radio station from scratch. Its mission: to provide a variety of local content and act as a source of information during emergency situations. Golden Co-op Radio has blossomed into a community hub with a growing number of volunteers and members.

The group chose the co-op model to establish the station as a way of involving the community in governance, decision-making, and a sense of ownership. Its members are the people of Golden, the surrounding area and even further afield, who want to see community radio thrive. Golden Co-op Radio offers a platform for a diversity of music and content, selected and curated by local volunteer hosts, and the opportunity for members to have their say in the future of community radio in Golden.

The station launched online in March, 2023, and wants to establish an FM channel in the near future. The co-op also wants to train community members with the skills to produce high-quality radio content.

Co-operatives First was excited to help this great community radio station to incorporate as a co-operative.

“Co-operatives First is such a valuable resource to the co-op sector,” a co-op representative said. “…Resources like the [Co-op Creator], knowledgeable staff, and the excellent podcast Common Share have all been invaluable resources for Golden Co-op Radio.”