Co-operatives First extends sympathy and support to all those affected by the floods, mudslides, and infrastructure damage in British Columbia. We work closely with community members and organizations in the province, many of them rural and Indigenous. We know firsthand the hard work and dedication BC residents put into the many beautiful communities in the southern region. It’s heartbreaking to see the livelihoods of so many disrupted or destroyed.

To the many people directly impacted by the disaster, we commit to working alongside you and your communities when you take steps to rebuild. We are small but mighty. Our supports and resources are available at no cost to you. And we know that working together is the best way forward when disaster strikes. So, count us on your team and call on us when you are ready. In the meantime, stay safe, help each other, and remain hopeful.

Our friends at BCEDA have compiled resources for those affected by the floods. You can find them HERE.