The new summer brings new backroads — and with it, the latest season of The Backroad Diaries. This year, the diaries will be led by Tanner Bayne and Jack Thompson, two recent University of Saskatchewan graduates and all around good-guys. Both passionate storytellers, they are eager to travel across western Canada to capture the ingenuity of the communities they visit and share the significance of the co-operatives they see along the way.

Meet the crew!


Hey! My name is Jack and I am excited to have this excellent opportunity to see parts of Western Canada I haven’t before and be able to tell their stories.

I grew up in the small town of Yellow Grass, Sk, and have been working in journalism since my senior year of highschool. I have recently completed an English degree from the University of Saskatchewan and my main duties for this project will be taking on the bulk of the writing, so check back on this blog to read more of my work!

What’s more, I get to travel with my good friend and previous coworker Tanner! As far as the Diaries go, you can expect a great curiosity from me as I try to find all the greatest gems of each community we visit.


Hi there! Welcome to The Backroad Diaries — I’m glad that you’re joining Jack and me on our journey to vibrant communities across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia!

I’m from the cosy bedroom community of Warman, Sk, which is just minutes from the bustling streets of the Bridge City. Like Jack, I’ve acquired an English degree from the University of Saskatchewan. In fact, Jack and I met through our shared love of storytelling while we worked at student-run university newspaper together for two years. Since then, we’ve become close friends, collaborators and — once again — coworkers. I guess you can say we are a package deal.

I’ll be in charge of the visual portion of the Backroad Diaries, making vlogs and videos to accompany Jack’s excellent written work. I’m looking forward to sharing stories with you!

You can follow our travels on  Facebook (@TheBackroadDiaries), Twitter (@TheBackRDiaries) and Instagram (@TheBackroadDiaries).